Now we’ve all heard of the term depression but it gets bounced around that people slip through the cracks. However depression is a genuine health concern and can last weeks or even months. Periods of depression is not something you can just ‘snap out of’.

Many things can cause depression and trigger it. Some of these can include feeling low after illness, bereavement or a breakdown in a relationship. People who are hyper critical of them selves or have low self esteem can be more vulnerable to depression. Alongside Seasonal Affective Disorder with our days becoming less bright we can literally start to feel less able and more down.

Symptoms can include physical, psychological and social and vary between people. Some of the physical symptoms can include constipation, changes in symptoms, lack of motivation or a low sex drive. Then the psychological symptoms include feeling tearful, finding it hard to make decisions, feeling hopeless of helpless or in extreme circumstances having suicidal thoughts or self harming. Finally the social impacts it can cause are neglecting hobbies, withdrawal from friends and family or finding it difficult to live life.

In many cases people can live with depression either it can pass, or you may need to take medication or you may get referred for counselling. If you have any of the symptoms go to your local GP or workplace health provider to get a check up because mental health is just as important as physical health.

Thats why its important now more than ever in this changing world to reach out and get support.

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