Personal. Unique.

The Online Wellbeing Platform Designed For You.

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Personal. Unique.

The Online Wellbeing Platform Designed for You

Support •  Workshops  •  Advice  •  Research

About Us

We are a friendly and caring platform helping you to get support with a qualified and experienced mental health team.

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Once you have joined us you will have access to a whole range of online support from our accredited therapists who can help you with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, stress, grief, and more.

How it Works

Choose between our online chat facility, attending a workshop or schedule a video call with a therapist, whichever suits you best. Or mix and match depending on how you feel on any given day.

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Log in to our platform

Sign in to schedule a one to one session, attend a workshop and have access to ongoing mental health support. 

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Therapy meeting via laptop

Step 2

We listen to you

We are a person centred unique platform that listens to you and your story. You will be supported by our friendly team of professional, accredited advisors.  

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Unique Wellbeing Programme

Experience a programme of help designed to bring you to a place of happiness in our personal and unique heartfelt way.


Contact us and be a part of our Trusted Clients.

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Making professional advice easy, convenient and confidential.


All of our advisors are registered with an affiliated body which has a provision to give official mental health advice alongside being trained in the unique wellbeing for us way, to make each user experience personal.

Crisis Intervention:  By having official accredited advisers we are able to make Tier 2 & 3 mental health referrals to a large database of support networks including community services, the NHS and other voluntary charitable organisations.  We ensure users are properly safeguarded and protected in line with consensual GDPR regulations.

Why people love our platform


"I've only had two sessions so far with Valerie, but she has been understanding, insightful, and encouraging. As someone who previously thought I had no need for therapy, I've gained valuable insight into how important self-care is. I love the fact that everything is online and I can just use the chat function without having to be face to face with someone." 

Susan D.

"I've been working with Dan for a good few months now and it has been a very comforting experience. I can express myself while having room to self reflect too, and get feedback on coping mechanisms and strategies to work with or around my problems. I would absolutely recommend him."

Chris P.

You don't have to suffer in silence

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