As a user you will log in and can book an appointment that is at a convenient time for you. Then an advisor will reach out to start a conversation and map out a plan to increase your wellbeing and promote positive mental health.

This is the ethos and foundation of the organisation. It came about as many platforms lack that personal value in the user and give generic advice. All of our advisors have been trained to deliver specific advice and awareness in a personal and unique way which makes us different and more heartfelt which was the inspiration for our logo.

No. We take GDPR and confidentiality extremely seriously and under no circumstance will your employer know that you have logged in. We do provide trend reports of organisational usage to your employer and this is aimed to help them understand the wellbeing of their organisation as a whole. 

We have a team of advisors that are fully equipped and registered with affiliated UK health bodies that have strict registration and regulation criteria. This means that we provide a personal service with the most accurate and safe up-to-date mental health advice that is unique and personally tailored to you.

We provide support for a whole range of personal, work and health related concerns. We have a large database of information that we can draw upon to make your experience personal and unique.

For individuals joining our platform we offer a simple Pay-As-You-Go system. This is priced at £35 per 35 minute session.  You just pay when you book a session, easy as that. No recurring monthly fees to worry about.

If you are joining us as part of a package which has been set up by your employer or place of education, you will login and book your sessions as above, but all payment is taken care of by your employer or educational provider.   

In addition, we also provide a number of complimentary workshop sessions which you are free to book whenever you want.  Spaces are limited so be sure to book your place early.

Yes. We hold all user information in a secure database and take GDPR regulations very seriously, treating confidential details with the utmost care and diligence.

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