April Stress Awareness Month

Anxious woman in Mask

 Firstly you are not alone. Since the pandemic we have all experienced increasingly higher levels of stress than normal. Statistics taken from a study by Oracle 2020, has shown that 85% have increased mental health difficulties. Poor health, relationship breakdowns, lethargy and overall exhaustion. Doing nothing has actually made us more anxious, worried and frightened.

Getting into a good routine and talking to someone is key to good mental development. Sharing your experience with others and finding out that you are not the only one has huge benefits for your mental health.

Connecting with others is so important. As humans we need connection. It is important to also get out in nature and feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Being in the presence of animals is also perfect for decreasing stress levels.

So please reach out and remember you are not alone.

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